WHAT is Tomfoolery & Shenanigans?  Many have said it is more a state of mind than a tangible physical entity.  OK, they haven’t, and it’s not, but it sounded good.  It is actually a loosely assembled collection of distinctly amateur musicians who share an aim in common with the good old NHS: Keeping folk alive! (lolz)

It would be putting things a bit too grandly to describe us as a band, or a group, or even an ensemble.  We are more of an anarcho-syndicalist collective where the one holding the wooden spoon is the musical director for the evening (just kidding, everyone knows Paul is the musical director really). It is a loosely co-ordinated gathering of like minded souls.  And many of the individual members are also loosely co-ordinated.

The brainchild and metaphorical (one hopes) baby of chief moustache Jon Wood, T&S sprang to life in the Nottinghamshire village of Calverton in the autumn of 2017, with the mission of playing some broadly folky tunes and generally having a laugh.  The collection of musicians is eclectic: guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukelele, tambourine, triangle, occasional fiddle, and all sorts of things that make a noise when you hit them. And hit them we do. Other instruments are always to be welcomed into the fold. Anyone play the Uileann pipes by any chance?

The music played is equally eclectic, ranging from traditional Irish folk tunes, the identity of whose author is lost in the mists of time, through the more contemporary stylings of the Pogues, right into the 21st century. Predominanly with a celtic feel, although also with a nod to Americana on the way.

Predominantly known for cluttering up the kitchens of Calverton, T&S have also been known to appear in public, brightening the evenings of drinkers in local hostelries such as the Admiral Rodney in Calverton and the Final Whistle in Southwell.  Whether they want us to or not.

Oh, and there’s generally beer and whisky (or whiskey) along the way as well. Kind of goes with the territory, and at least 63% of the songs are about being hammered and/or written by people who were hammered at the time.

What could be better?  Join the fun.  You know you want to.  But don’t take our word for it!  In the words of one leading critic:

“I’ve heard shitter”  –  Jason Reilly