Who we are


   JON WOOD (mandolin, banjo, moustache wax)

Without whom, etc. etc….the beating heart and soul and founding father of T&S.  The man who gathered together a ragtag bunch of aimless struggling musical misfits, and fashioned them into…a slightly less aimless ragtag bunch of struggling musical misfits.  Some say Jon was raised by hillbillies in the Appalachian foothills.  Some say he was raised by Irish chieftains in the misty mountains of Mourne.  Some say near Scarborough.  Perhaps we’ll never know. Unless we ask him.  Either way, folk music is in every fibre of his being. Especially his moustache.

The master of all things twiddly and melodic, Jon plays almost entirely by ear.  And he’s even better when he uses his fingers. Jon owns the world’s heaviest banjo, which he uses to maintain his fearsome core strength, and which features in his forthcoming fitness DVD, Banjercise with Woody

 PAUL ” the Professor” CULLEN (ukelele, harmonies, theory) 

The unquestioned musical director of T&S, master of the spoon of power.  Every group of musicians needs a genius theoretician to provide guidance, someone who knows fancy words like “Ionian”, “inversion” and “chord”, and even appears to know what they mean (although, frankly, he could say anything and we wouldn’t know any better). Every group also needs that one person who is always ready with bit of witty repartee, or a well told joke, to lighten the mood and make the evening go with a swing.  We’ve asked Paul if he knows anyone

  JILL HOWARD (mandolin)

Long suffering wife of Paul, Jill definitely wears the trousers in that household.  Just look at Paul’s picture if you don’t believe me

  PHIL “Animal” WATHALL (bangy things)

Phil adheres very strictly to the percussionists’ flowchart:  Is it making a noise? Yes? Good, carry on.  Is it silent?  Yes? Hit it with something until it makes a noise. It has oft been said that Phil’s playing is so nuanced that the silences between the beats are just as important as the beats themselves.  Well, it might have been said.  Once.  probably by Phil. Others have said that Phil’s percussion style is very much “no frills”.  Unlike his many dresses

  JON THROUP (whistle, recorder)

Once Calverton’s leading drug dealer, Jon now spends his time dressing up as a soldier and lending his wind to T&S

  PAUL HOWARD (more bangy things, triangle)

For God’s sake man, keep your legs together!

  EDDIE WATHALL (even more bangy things).

Son of Phil.  Or “Phil 2: the drum player strikes back”.  See above


Yes, they’re related.  Would I lie to you?  (think about it)

 ANDREW PATTISON (guitar, sort of singing)

Strums n’ Shouts. The good thing about folk music is that you don’t need to be particularly good at singing.  Andrew is keeping this tradition alive.  Never mind the quality, feel the volume

  DAWN CULLEN (backing vocals, tambourine, weird dancing)

Another long suffering wife.  Chief roadie, beer carrier, slightly shy backing singer, and now launching a tambourine career.  Also official dancing mascot.  Ask to see her ChiChiWa (it’s a dance, you perv).  Oh go on then, here it is:


 SIMON CARTER (very occasional vocals, jingling and bloody jangling, table surfing, devil incarnate)

A veteran of 1 T&S appearance, and 1 song, Simon’s scarlet hue befits his damned elusive nature. Possessed of the unique ability to harmonise with himself. Or is that just possessed?

  KENNY QUILTY (guitar, cider)

Kenny likes cider.  Oh yes, he does.  Especially very strong Henry Weston cider.  Kenny likes to decorate his guitar with labels and bottle tops from his favourite tipple when under its influence.  Kenny is a silly sausage